The Future of Leasing

Your Guide to AI and the

Apartment Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. Not as the devious chrome-plated robot movies primed us to envision, but as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s suggestive search results and Tesla’s self-driving cars. Several industries are putting AI to use to improve sales efforts, manufacturing and customer service. But does AI have a place in the apartment industry?

It most certainly does.

Download the FREE Guide to AI Ebook to discover everything you need to know about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the Multifamily industry.

AI Explained

Artificial Intelligence is designed to emulate organic thought processes. In this ebook, we provide you with a complete description of what AI is and how it mimics the basic organization of neurons in the brain to train and detect patterns.

How AI Applies to Business

This first artificial neural network was built in 1954, but only recently did the necessary hardware become widely available for business applications. We will show you how AI can take calls/texts, answers questions, collect information and set appointments after hours.

AI in Multifamily

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for tech giants. The Multifamily industry is taking advantage of it to streamline the leasing process and take a giant step toward improving advertising transparency and better managing marketing spend.

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